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Dutch Oven Conversions

How many of you are beginners cooking with a Dutch Oven?  Where we are not beginners we are always learning better ways, endless amount of recipes, or just throw it all in 🙂  Not sure what size Dutch Oven to purchase? What size you would need? You wonder why it matters?  Ever tried cleaning up an overflowed Dutch Oven, or burnt your entire meal because it cooked way too fast in too large of a DO? 🙂 When in doubt, going with the larger Dutch Oven is definitely the best option, but be warned it will cook much faster!  I have uploaded a conversion to help you decide! Would LOVE for you all to email in your Dutch Oven favorites! We tend to pull out our Dutch Oven more often in the fall, which seems already to be right around the corner.

8×8 baking pan= 8 or 10 inch Dutch Oven

11×7 baking pan= 10 inch Dutch Oven

9×13 baking pan=12 inch Dutch Oven

10×15 baking pan=14 inch Dutch Oven

And there ya have it!


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