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October 26, 2015 Comments (0) Campsite Notebook

Halloween at Hillview Park

By Drew Hackett

Halloween at Hillview was held at Plymouth County’s Hillview Park on Saturday, October 10th. The camping was free as long as you were willing to dish out candy to the 200+ zombies, ghouls, and other unspeakable things that invaded the park. The Halloween celebration is an annual family event for many campers, including Travis Lammers of Kingsley. “I think this is our seventh year doing this, seems to get bigger every year. The kids really look forward to it.  It gives us a grand finale to our camping season.”

Many of the adults were dressed up for the occasion, and nearly all the campsites were decorated. One site was equipped with a full size coffin and what appeared to be a functioning electric chair! Many people visited the park just for the evening, a hay rack transported visitors from the pond parking lot to the camping area. The official time for trick-or-treating was 6-8pm, but the “scare hike” went into the night.

There were also other events that day including; craft fair, kids games, and bake sale. The Pork Producers served lunch from 11am to 1pm and Catalanos served up wood-fired pizzas for supper.

There’s a lot of things you can be doing in mid October, dressing up like a zombie and going camping usually isn’t something that comes to mind. But for many people it’s the best camp of the year. If you want to try it next year make sure to reserve your spot well in advance as the campsites fill up fast!

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