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repairing the riding lawn mower #2 October 14, 2017

The Art of Loafing…

by Some Guy In essence loafing is just sitting around idly not doing a damned thing

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August 2, 2014

Sportsmen need a better sense of smell

By: Some Guy I think a better sense of smell would benefit the sportsman. 

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May 1, 2014

Sportsmen need better awareness!

By: Some Guy Of all the senses the sportsman uses, sight, hearing, touch, just to

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December 2, 2013

Sportsmen need the stomachs of a goat!

By Some Guy: Goats can eat almost anything without experiencing any outwardly

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September 2, 2013

That’s woman’s work!

By Some Guy: Having spent the last 20 years or so being a Scoutmaster I have noticed

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August 4, 2013

At least it was a clear shot

By Some Guy: Isn’t it ironic that the writers of magazine articles always have

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July 6, 2013

“Little Titanic”

By Some Guy: One day my good friend Bubba Greasly came over to the house to show me

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April 1, 2013

The “old school” fishing trip

By Some Guy: Awhile back I took an ice fishing trip that had me reminiscing quite a

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January 2, 2013

Dead animals don’t bleed

By Some Guy: Every time you read a deer hunting article the author never seems to

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December 2, 2012

You’ll shoot your eye out!

By Some Guy: The other day a friend and I were talking about the upcoming Christmas.

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November 2, 2012

The perfect valley

By Some Guy: One Fall day I was driving the back roads of western Iowa, um, ah, . .

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October 1, 2012

Wait, I know a better way!

By Some Guy: After our last attempt at using “modern technology”, we were left

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