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Next Publication Release Date: January/February, 2018.
Contact Drew for advertising at 712-898-8987 or email

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YEARLY AD PACKAGE – $600 (paid $150 per quarter)
(single quarters are available at $175 per quarter)

PRINT (4 issues)
5×5 black and white ad in print publication.
NWIO is 12-16 pages, 11″ x 16.6″, printed on newsprint.
Add color to your ad for $30 per issue.

RADIO, Outdoors with John Show on KSCJ Sioux City (12 months)
Weekly credit mentions plus additional coverage and/or appearances on the show.

ONLINE (12 months)
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Why advertise with us?

The answer is simple – it’s the same reason you would advertise in a local newspaper rather than USA Today. You want your ad shown to people who will actually visit your place of business. Northwest Iowa Outdoors is a regional site, we do not reach as many people as a national publication, but the views we do get are from sportsmen IN YOUR AREA. The impact of showing your product or service to local outdoorsmen far outweighs that of advertising to a random audience. A single ad view from someone in your own area is far more valuable than 100 views from someone across the country, or even in distant parts of the state. Our selling point is not numbers of eyeballs, but rather numbers of sportsmen eyeballs that are within driving distance of you. This is the premise NWIO advertising is built on. Local and affordable. No wasted money or effort advertising to people hundreds of miles away that may or may not be into what you are offering.


About Us

Northwest Iowa Outdoors was launched in January of 2012 by graphic artist Drew Hackett and outdoor writer John Hackett. Starting in March 2014, NWIO launched it’s quarterly print version, which can be found in various locations in NW Iowa. On December 5th, 2015 NWIO launched the radio show  “Outdoors with John”  aired weekly on 1360AM, KSCJ Sioux City.  NWIO also conducts  and sponsors youth fishing derbies in NW Iowa.


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