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Iowa DNR Fishing Report – January 29th

Crawford Creek Impoundment
Bluegill – Fair: Anglers have been picking up 6-8 inch bluegill near the point on the east side.  They are having the best luck using jigs tipped with wax worms in 10-15 feet of water.

Brushy Creek Lake
Ice on Brushy is 11-14 inches. Bluegill – Slow: There have been some reports of anglers picking up bluegill in about 20 feet of water. Yellow Perch – Slow: Anglers have been picking up a few yellow perch towards the west end.

Bacon Creek Lake
Bluegill – Slow: Some bluegill have been picked up using wax worms. Rainbow Trout – Fair: Approximately 1,500 rainbow trout were stocked into Bacon Creek on January 17th.

Storm Lake (including Little Storm Lake)
Storm Lake has around 11-13 inches of ice. Walleye – Slow: Anglers have been picking up a few walleye along the dredge cuts on the east side in about 13-14 feet of water. They are having the best luck using spoons and minnows. Some walleye are also being caught along the north shore. Yellow Perch – Slow: Some yellow perch are being picked up near the east shore around Kings Point area. Try using a small spoon and wax worm. White Bass – Slow: A few anglers are picking up some white bass in the deeper dredged areas.

North Twin Lake
Anglers have seen little activity this last week, reports vary from a few fish per trip to none caught.

Black Hawk Lake
The winter aeration system is on in the Town Bay.  Ice is 7-10 inches at the Ice House Point boat ramp. Walleye – Slow: The walleye bite has been slow this past week.  Last reported catches were of walleye around 14 inches along dredge cuts near the Denison Beach area. Yellow Perch – Slow: A few yellow perch have been picked up in between the Denison Beach and Lakewood Point areas. Bluegill – Slow: Although the bite is slow, anglers are still marking large numbers of smaller bluegills. Try using real small lures tipped with a wiggler.

Arrowhead Lake
Arrowhead Lake has 8 inches of ice off the boat ramp. Bluegill – Fair: Hand-sized bluegills can be caught along the east side. Black Crappie – Slow: A few keeper size crappie have been picked up while bluegill fishing.

Black Hawk Pits
There is 8 inches of ice off the boat ramp. Bluegill – Slow: Anglers have been catching a few bluegill using small lures tipped with wax worms.

Moorland Pond
Rainbow Trout – Fair: Approximately 1,500 rainbow trout were stocked into Moorland Pond on January 24th. Yellow Perch – Slow: Anglers are picking up small yellow perch using ultra light tackle.

Most lakes in the Black Hawk district have anywhere from 8-11 inches of good ice under an inch of poor ice.  With recent warm weather, ice conditions along shore and near inflows are more variable.  For more information on the Black Hawk District call 712-657-2638.

Lake Smith
Ice is good at Smith Lake with 14-15 inches. Anglers have been active and are doing well on bluegills with a few crappies.

Lake Catherine
There is 15 inches of ice. Bluegill – Slow:  Largemouth Bass – Slow:

Clear Lake
Ice is about 14 inches on the little lake. Yellow Bass – Good: Yellows have been caught in 8-10 feet of water on the little lake and in the Baptist Camp area. Size of the catch is split between 5 inches and 8 inches. Larger yellows seem to be coming from shallower water (8-12 feet) while some anglers have had larger numbers of smaller yellows from deeper water (18-20 feet). Crappie – Good: Anglers are reporting decent numbers of crappies in the deeper water (18-24 feet of water) on the little lake. Most of the crappies being kept are 10-12 inches. Morning bite is good until 10 a.m., then slows in midday, picking up around 4 p.m. Walleye – Slow: Anglers seeking walleye should try their luck on the main lake. An occasional walleye may be caught on the west end or perhaps near the island.

Lake Cornelia
Cornelia has around 13 inches of ice.  Yellow Bass – Good: Activity has been hit or miss. Fishing success earlier in the winter was in the deeper water. Fish with small jigs tipped with spikes. Bluegill – Slow: Anglers are catching some small bluegills but not much for keepers.

Crystal Lake
Ice is 18 inches thick. Bluegill – Fair: Anglers are doing best on the dredge cut in 12-14 feet of water. They have been keeping fish in the 7.75-8.25 inch range. Crappie – Fair: Anglers are catching 10-11 inch black crappies in 17 feet of water. They are suspended 2-4 feet off the bottom.

Black Pit
Anglers are catching a few crappies.

Blue Pit
Rainbow Trout – Good: 2,500 Rainbow trout were stocked on January 17th. Anglers should be able to catch them swimming along the shallower water along the edges. Try a small teardrop jig and a wax worm or a small jigging spoon.

Bluebill Lake
There is 10 inches of ice; limited angler activity.

For lake updates and fishing information in the north central area contact the Clear Lake Fish and Wildlife office at 641-357-3517.

Big Spirit Lake
Ice conditions are variable with the snow being on the ice. Vehicle traffic is not advised. Ice reports are as thick as 17 inches in places with no snow cover and as thin as 9 inches where there was snow cover.  Yellow Perch – Fair: Some quality perch are being caught on the south end near the pump house, and along the north end near Anglers Bay. Size varies from 7-10 inch fish. On the south side of Big Stoney in 14 feet of water a consistent perch bite has been occurring for a couple weeks now. Anglers report catching 10 inch perch. Walleye – Fair: Walleyes are being caught north of the pump house in 25 feet of water, also off Big Stoney many over the slot walleyes are being caught as well. Fisherman are using minnow head tipped jigs, also proving to catch fish is spoons tipped with minnow. The walleye bite has slowed down during the day; the night bite has been more consistent.

Center Lake
Thin ice signs have been placed around open water. Outside the thin ice signs ice conditions showed ice conditions in the 12-15 inch range. Bluegill – Fair: Fishermen are having varied success with bluegills, catching them on the south end and near the middle. Fish are being caught using tungsten to get through the smaller fish and get down deep to the larger gills.

East Okoboji Lake
Yellow Perch – Good: As the weather warms up perch activity has been increasing. Fish are being seen in the 20-25 feet range in various bays. Gold jigs tipped with wax worms are presenting the most success.

Silver Lake (Dickinson)
Thin ice signs have been placed around the open water; ice conditions are variable with bad ice being present in places. Ice conditions around the open water are variable with the thickest ice being around 15-16 inches. The south end of open water has some ice at only 5 inches.

West Okoboji Lake
Yellow Perch – Good: Millers Bay is still presenting a quality bite for those who want to brave the wind and cold. These perch are being caught in 20 plus feet of water, size ranges from 7-10 inch. Anglers are having success using small jigs and wax worms. Fishermen are using jigging raps when the bite gets slow to bring fish back in. Most bays have been seeing an increase in perch activity with the warm weather coming. Crappie – Fair: Around 12:30 crappie move into the shallows of Millers suspending in about 7 feet of water. Working jigs high in the water column has led to success on multiple occasions for some anglers. Emerson has been seeing few of these crappies but they are beginning to school up in the deeper waters later in the afternoon. Right before dark these fish are beginning to show up in both Emerson and Millers. Bluegill – Good: Gills of nice size are being caught on the weed lines of Emerson and Millers Bay. Slow falls and light jigging brings these fish in. Fish weed lines in less than 10 feet of water.

Ingham Lake
Thin ice signs have been placed around open water. Ice depths around open water show ice being as thick as 11 inches outside of the thin ice signs.

Five Island Lake
Walleye – Slow: The walleye bite at Five Island has really picked up and fish are being caught in dredge holes, and in Town Bay. Fish ranging in the 14-20 inch range are being caught. Yellow Perch – Fair: Yellow perch are being caught in the deeper holes along with the walleye. Perch are ranging from 8-11 inches.

Scharnberg Pond
On January 31st Scharnberg Pond will be stocked with trout at noon.  Rainbow Trout – Fair: Working jigs right below the ice to catch these schooling trout.

Volga Lake
Ice conditions remain good but continue to use caution when going out. Crappie – Fair: A fair number of anglers were catching their limits of crappie using a variety of small jigs tipped with minnows. Bluegill – Fair: Bluegills will bite on a small jig tipped with a wax worm. Best bet for a gill is to find brush piles or rock mounds.

Lake Hendricks
There is about 10 inches of ice on the lake with about 2 inches of snow on top.  Use caution when going out on ice and check depths often. No ATVs or motorized vehicles are allowed on the lake. There is open water around the aerator. Bluegill – Slow: Try using small light colored jigs with tipped wax worms. Mid-afternoon bite is best and shuts down after dark. Fish around structure. Largemouth Bass – Slow: Bass are sneaking bait from bluegills here and there. Crappie – Slow: Try a minnow for a crappie.  Best bet is to let your minnow do the talking and leave your pole alone.

Lake Meyer
The lake has about 10 inches of ice with about 1 inch of snow on top.  Continue to use caution when going out on the ice.  More people have been venturing out with warmer temperatures. Bluegill – Slow: Anglers are catching bluegills but the bite remains spotty.  If you don’t get bites, move to another location.  Fish have been found in 12-14 feet depths and are hanging around brush piles.

Airport Lake
There is about 8-9 inches of ice on Airport Lake with open water near the aerator.  Use caution and check ice depths often. Bluegill – Slow: Anglers can find fish near structure or along sharp depth profile changes.  Move often if fish don’t bite right away.

Upper Iowa River (above Decorah)
The Upper Iowa has really opened up this past week especially around Decorah. Anglers are finding fish above Lidtke Mill in Lime Springs.  The impoundment has about 6-7 inches of ice.  Please use extreme caution walking on river ice as flow may weaken it. Rock bass – Fair: Anglers are catching nice size rock bass above the dam in Lime Springs.  They are using small jigs tipped with a wax worm.

Turkey River (above Clermont)
Anglers have been having luck fishing in the mill pond above the Vernon Springs dam near Cresco.  Please use caution when crossing river ice.  Bluegill – Slow: Fish have been caught off the bottom in about 5 feet of water.  Small jigs tipped with wax worms work the best.

Cedar River (above Nashua)
Backwaters are frozen. Use extreme caution when crossing areas with current. Ice thickness will vary.  Anglers have been catching a variety of fish using a hook tipped with a wax worm or minnow. Crappie – Slow:  Bluegill – Slow: The bite gets hot about 1 hour before and after sunset.  Jigs tipped with wax worms are your best bet.

Decorah District Streams
Use caution when trying to get to your favorite spots as snow will cover uneven ground and ice.  Some light black stonefly hatches have been taking place on warmer sunny afternoons.  Anglers have also been taking trout on light spruce flies, small #20 caddis fly nymphs, and streamers.  Brook Trout – Good: Angling strategies should change during the winter months.  Angling should take place in the riffles; concentrate your lure/fly along the deeper channels running along a cut bank. Brown Trout – Good: Streams with better water quality will be open even during the coldest of weather. Many of the longer flat pools will be frozen.  Frozen spots will open when sun hits them and temps warm up during the day. Rainbow Trout – Good: Anglers catching an 18 inch or bigger brownie are eligible for an Iowa Master Angler Certificate. For more information, please visit
Fish activity has really slowed on most area lakes this week.  Mild weather will continue through Saturday with temps in low 30s and chance of snow Saturday evening into Sunday.  Sunday the temps drop into the teens.  Continue to use caution when venturing out on any ice.  Urban lake catchable trout stockings are taking place statewide. See our website for dates, times and locations. For local information, call the Decorah Fish Hatchery at 563-382-8324.

Mississippi River Pool 9
River level at Lansing has remained stable around 8 feet. Many anglers continue to concentrate fishing on Shore Slough and Village Creek areas. Yellow Perch – Fair: Perch fishing has picked up with some nicer size fish being caught along vegetation areas. Bluegill – Good: The bite has been variable but fish are being caught early morning and later afternoon, using jigs and wax-worm. Northern Pike – Fair: Some nicer size pike are being caught. Try tip-up fishing using shiners in backwater areas. Crappie – Good: Not a lot of crappie being caught through the ice, but the ones biting are nice sizes. Wax worms and minnows fished in submersed trees work well. Largemouth Bass – Good: Tip-ups baited with a minnow can produce some larger bass.

Mississippi River Pool 10
River Level at Lynxville has remained stable around 15 feet. Most ramps are closed in with ice.  Sny Magill continues to be popular for panfish and northern pike. Bussey Lake continues to report largemouth being caught on tip ups.  Bluegill – Fair: Many bluegills up to 8 inches being caught using jigs and wax-worm although recent results have been mixed. Crappie – Fair: Nice crappie still being caught through the ice, although success has slowed. Northern Pike – Fair: Some nicer size pike are being caught. Try tip-up fishing using shiners in backwater areas. Largemouth Bass – Good: Largemouth fishing has been good using tip-ups baited with a minnow suspended at mid-depth under the ice. Yellow Perch – Fair: Occasional nice sized perch being reported from the Greymore lake area.

Mississippi River Pool 11
River level at Guttenberg remains stable at around 6.5 feet. The city ramp in Guttenberg and the DNR ramp are blocked with ice. Small flat-bottom boats have been pushing out over ice in the DNR harbor to reach open water. Sauger – Slow: Tail water fishing is difficult to access at this time but a few saugers are being caught jigging minnows below the locks. Walleye – Slow: Tail water fishing is difficult to access at this time but a few walleye are being caught jigging minnows below the locks. Bluegill – Good: The bite has been variable but fish are being caught early morning and later afternoon, using jigs and wax-worm. Yellow Perch – Fair: Perch have been biting on wax worms in the Zollicoffer Slough area at Mud Lake. Largemouth Bass – Good: The bass population is excellent in Mud Lake and Sunfish Lakes. Tip-ups baited with a minnow can produce some larger bass. Northern Pike – Fair: Some nicer size pike are being caught. Try tip-up fishing using shiners in backwater areas.

Although the centers of many backwaters have 8 inches of ice recent warm weather has begun to erode ice conditions especially along shorelines and anywhere there may be current.  Anglers should use caution when traveling on ice as snow melt has may ice very slick in some areas.

Mississippi River Pool 12
The water level at Dubuque Lock and Dam is 6.5 feet and the water level at the Dubuque railroad bridge is 8.9 feet, both up a half foot from last week. Water is expected to remain stable during the week. Lots of water reported on ice but some places still have sufficient ice depths for safe fishing but never venture on ice you are unsure of. Crappie – Good: Most fishing is taking place in the various marinas and Hennebery and Tippy Lakes around Dubuque.  Try a jig or a minnow for best results. Anglers report crappie fishing from poor to excellent. Bluegill – Good: Backwater ice conditions vary within the pool. Bluegill populations are very good in the Mississippi River.  Some nice gills were reported from Tippys Lake. Northern Pike – No Report: Pike populations are robust in the river right now and fishing with tip ups have been reported at various locations. Both bass and pike were being caught on the tip ups but word is that this fishing has slowed down some. Yellow Perch – Good: Lots of yellow perch have been reported throughout the district. In some places it has been the dominant species caught. It appears at least three size classes of ring perch biting with the small ones being the most common to hit the wax worms.

Mississippi River Pool 13
The water level at Bellevue is 6.8 feet which is up a half a foot from last week. Levels are expected to remain stable. Most backwaters have good ice conditions.  The City of Bellevue Ramp was opened by city crews this week. Ice flows may be an issue however but launching is presently possible, but subject to change. Bluegill – Fair: Consistent ice is available for ice anglers but the bite for large fish has been slow, in some spots numerous small bluegills have been hitting. Sauger – Good: When boats could get into the tail water this winter, fishing has ranged from poor to excellent. Lots of weather fronts and water level changes can make fishing walleye and sauger a challenge. As of Thursday the ramp was open but to be sure call ahead before making a long trip to Bellevue. Yellow Perch – Good: The number of yellow perch caught this year has been a pleasant surprise for anglers. In some places it has been the dominant species caught. It appears at least three size classes of ring perch are biting with the small ones being the most common to hit the wax worms. Crappie – Fair: Some Crappie are being reported out of the deeper water pockets in the Sabula Area lakes.  At times some crappies are also being reported out of Browns Lake as well.

Mississippi River Pool 14
The water level at Fulton is 5.9 feet, the water level at Camanche it is near 9.9 feet, and the water level above the dam at LeClaire is 4.5 feet, all up slightly from last week. Water levels are now predicted to be stable this week. Most backwaters are reported as safe ice for fishing with ice depth at 6 or more inches. Please never venture across current areas or areas with unknown ice. Bluegill – Slow: Some small bluegills have been reported to us.  Rock Creek backwater, Swedes backwater and the Cattail backwater areas are some of the major backwater fisheries on Pool 14. Also some small gills reported out of Joyce’s Slough by Clinton. Sauger – No Report: Winter fishing reports are varied in Pool 14 but certainly some nice sauger were being caught on three way rigs and jigs much earlier this winter. Access to the tail waters may be a challenge. Yellow Perch – Fair: Small yellow perch are also being reported at most backwater locations in Pool 14. It is a good sign for the future but frustrating now finding larger fish.

Mississippi River Pool 15
The water level at Rock Island is 5.6 feet, down from last week. Water temperature is 33 degrees and water clarity is good. No fishing was reported on Pool 15 this week. Bluegill – No Report: Most panfish have moved into their overwintering homes for the winter. Marinas often offer over wintering areas on Pool 15 but ice fishing conditions were poor most of this season. Now we have some good conditions and fishing may pick up.

Most backwaters have deteriorating ice conditions with some places reporting lots of water on top of the ice.  Have a safety plan when you venture out. Let people know where you are going and take safety and rescue equipment with you. Never venture on ice you are unsure of.

Mississippi River Pool 16
Tail water stage at Lock and Dam 15 in the Quad Cities is 5.43 feet. The Marquette St. boat ramp in Davenport is open and there has been some tail water fishing by boat the past few days. With the recent warm weather ice conditions are variable and shorelines have some poor ice conditions. Use caution if venturing out on the ice and check ice thickness often as you move.  Sauger – Slow: Fishing has been tough but a few fish are being caught. Try fishing with jigs and minnows or three-way rigs with minnows or stick baits. Try fishing the deeper hole above the casino or in Sylvan Slough by the Arsenal Dam. Mostly smaller saugers are reported being caught.

Mississippi River Pool 17
The upper ramps in Muscatine are open. Big Timber has some unsafe ice conditions. Big Timber does have some areas with flow and some springs that seep in that can create variable ice conditions. The warm temperatures have made for some poor ice conditions along the shorelines especially by the parking lot/boat ramp. There were also a couple open pockets of water downstream of the boat ramp.  Bluegill – No Report:  Crappie – No Report:  Sauger – Slow: Anglers have been fishing for saugers at Muscatine but fishing has been slow the past few days. There were no boats out this morning though. Try vertical jigging with minnows or pulling three-way rigs with minnows.

Mississippi River Pool 18
Tail water stage at Lock and Dam 17 at New Boston is 4.66 feet. Boats are able to launch at Toolesboro but we have not received any tail water fishing information at this time. The gravel road into Toolesboro is muddy with the warmer temperatures. We have not received any ice fishing information for this pool this week.

Mississippi River Pool 19
Tail water stage at Lock and Dam 19 above Burlington is 2.60 feet. We have not received any ice fishing or tail water fishing report information for this pool this week.

Mississippi River Pool 16-19. With the warmer temperatures some of the boat ramps are open and there has been some tail water fishing for saugers and walleyes. If venturing out on the ice check ice thickness often as you move around. Ice conditions along the shorelines are poor due to the recent warm weather. Big Timber (The Breaks) had some poor ice along the shore and some open pockets of water. If you have questions on fishing pools 16-19 contact the Fairport Fish Hatchery at 563-263-5062.

Lake Geode
UNSAFE ICE. The ice is pretty much rotten.  A few days of upper 40s and 50s strong south winds and geese will do that. Bluegill – No Report:

Lake Belva Deer
The ice has been deteriorating every day this week.  More rotten ice and less good ice every day.  Use extreme caution if you’re going to go out, especially around the edges and around the trees.  What was decent last weekend might not be this weekend. Bluegill – Good: Bluegill fishing remains good although it seems to be getting more hit and miss than it had been a couple of weeks ago.

Lake Darling
Ice conditions are going downhill.  The edges are rotten; there is about 3 inches of rotten ice on top of about 3-4 inches of good ice.  Definitely don’t go out onto the middle of the lake where the ice is thinner. Bluegill – No Report:

Big Hollow Lake
UNSAFE ICE. The ice has deteriorated to the point where you have a good chance of making a hole without using your ice auger. Bluegill – No Report:

For more information on the above lakes call the Lake Darling Fisheries Station at 319-694-2430.

Hannen Lake
Ice thickness is reported as 7 inches. Sunrise and sunset have been the most productive for fishing. Bluegill – Fair:  Crappie – Slow:

Rodgers Park Lake
Ice thickness is reported as 7 inches. Fishing has been reported as poor.

Iowa Lake
Ice conditions have been reported as about 6 inches and good solid ice under a little cloudy ice.

Kent Park Lake
The ice is reported as 5-7 inches. Bluegill – Slow:  Crappie – Slow:

Lake Macbride
MOST of the lake has 7-9 inches of ice, but some shorelines may have weakened. There is an area of open water under the causeway bridge that is growing in size. Sunrise and sunset has been best for crappies and walleyes. Bluegill – Good: Fish around any rock or wood structure with a jig/waxie. Fish are generally 4-7 inches, however. Crappie – Fair: Getting around the right structure has been producing some fish. Most are 8-10 inches, but larger ones are available. Concentrate in 10-20 of water around brush, pallets, stumps, or rock reefs. Walleye – Fair: Most fish are small but some keepers are being caught. Generally, 15-25 of water has been best, around some sort of rock or wood.

Central Park Lake
Ice is reported as 5-7 inches. Bluegill – Fair: Some bluegills are being caught on a variety of jigs and baits, but size has been on the small side. Keep moving to find active fish.

Pleasant Creek Lake
The ice is still holding up at 8 inches plus.  Bluegill – Fair: Fish along the dam in 10-20 feet, near the bottom, with a jig/waxie. Walleye – Good: Fish along the dam or on humps, experimenting with depth, but 15-20 feet is a good start. Small spoons or minnows are best. The first and last hour of light has been best. Yellow Perch – Good: Size is generally smaller. Fish in 15-20 feet of water with jigs or minnows. Some fish are being caught around the dam and some are on humps.

Diamond Lake
Remember, no minnows are allowed here. The ice fishing derby scheduled for Saturday has been cancelled due to deteriorating ice conditions. Check ice often if venturing out. Shorelines may be especially poor. Bluegill – Fair: Fish near the bottom with a jig/waxie. Some fish have been 7-9 inches. Crappie – Fair: Jig/waxies are producing 8-10 inches crappies with an occasional larger fish.

Union Grove Lake
Most of the lake has 10 inches plus of ice. The aeration system is running and there is open water towards the dam, so avoid the area surrounded by THIN ICE signs. Bluegill – Slow:  Yellow Bass – Slow:

Coralville Reservoir
The lake’s ice is getting more variable. There are even a few seams of very thin or open water. Travel is not advised. There have been a few anglers out in the better areas but fishing has been reported as poor.

Wapsi River (Troy Mills to Oxford Junction)
Some backwater areas have about 10 inches of ice. Bluegill – Fair:  Northern Pike – Fair:  Crappie – Fair:

For more information, contact the Lake Macbride Fisheries Station at 319-624-3615.

Rathbun Reservoir
The current lake level is 904.31 feet. Don’t forget Lake Rathbun contains zebra mussels so make sure to clean, drain, and dry equipment before transporting to another water body. The entrance to Southfork marina is closed for the season.

Ice conditions have deteriorated on lakes across south central Iowa and ice that remains is not likely suitable for ice fishing or other recreation.

Please remember to take your trash with you so your favorite fishing spot is litter-free.  Contact the Rathbun Fish Hatchery at 641-647-2406 with questions regarding angling in south central Iowa.

Beaver Lake
Crappie – Fair: A good crappie population of 9-10 inch fish exists. Sunset and just after would be a good time to try using glow jigs with wax worms or minnows. Bluegill – Fair: Bluegills are being caught near the tree tops in the center of the lake and near the drop-off to the deepest portion of the lake.

Jacob Krumm Nature Preserve Lake (west)
Bluegill – Good: Good size bluegills are being caught during the day throughout the lake.  A good general area to start is the west half of the lake from the dam up to where the flooded trees start. Crappie – Fair: Crappie from 8-12 inches are being caught moving from hole to hole in the flooded trees on the upper half of the lake.

Big Creek Lake
Going into the weekend of the 31st, Big Creek has ice ranging from 8-10 inches with scattered weak spots around the edges. Bluegill – Fair: Bluegill fishing has been fair to slow.  Anglers moving around fishing habitat in 10-25 feet of water are picking up some good size gills using very small ice jigs with spikes or partial wax worms. Walleye – Fair: The walleye bite is fair to good in the evenings fishing the sharp drops to the creek channel from mid-lake on to the south.  Use glowing jigging spoons or jigging crankbaits with live minnows or minnow heads.

Dale Maffitt Reservoir
Due to the lowering of water levels and the potential for unsafe gaps under the ice, ice fishing is prohibited for the remainder of the 2015 ice season.

Hickory Grove Lake
Ice thickness on Jan. 29th varied throughout the lake from 6-10 inches. Bluegill – Fair: Bluegills are being caught on the pallet and brush piles at depths of 15 feet or deeper.  Afternoon fishing up to sunset has been best. Crappie – Fair: The anglers catching most crappie are finding them over brush piles more so than the pallets.  During the evening and past dark use glow jigs and wax worms or glowing jigging spoons with minnows.

Lake Petoka
Due to the warm weather and potentially inadequate ice thickness to support a large crowd, the family ice fishing event scheduled for January 31st has been canceled.  Trout will still be stocked late in the week prior to January 31st.
Some ice deterioration has occurred. Central Iowa lakes north of I-80 have 6-10 inches of ice with some weak spots around the edges. South of I-80 it is recommended anglers wait for cold temps next week to venture back on the ice.  For information on central Iowa lakes and rivers contact Andy Otting or Ben Dodd at 515-432-2823.

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