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New Southern Archery location offers more security, expansion opportunity

(Original story appeared in Spencer Daily Reporter, Thursday, August 21, 2014)


Southern Archery is moving from 305 11th St. SE to 325 11th St SW. The new location, located next to Cindy’s Steakhouse in Spencer, is a “better traffic area” and will offer “better security,” according to Southern Archery owner, Ted Bruning. They are looking to be in their new location by mid-October.(Photo by Kate Padilla)

If construction continues at the pace it’s been keeping, Southern Archery owner Ted Bruning said the hunting accessories store will be in its new location by the middle of October.”We’re moving six blocks,” he said. “From 305 11th St. SE to 325 11th St SW.”

The new location, located next to Cindy’s Steakhouse in Spencer, is a “better traffic area” and will offer “better security,” according to Bruning.

“We’re constructing the building for better security, plus it’s in a more wide-open area,” he said. “It’ll be easier to find us there than it would be here.”

Bruning noted Southern Archery has been in its current location for the past 28 years.

In addition to the new location, he said upcoming changes will include discontinuing the furniture and antique sales.

“Space-wise, this will be more efficient,” he said. “The furniture part began as a hobby that got out of control, but it worked okay. It does take a lot of space, though.”

Bruning is also serving as general contractor for construction of the new building, and he’s optimistic about moving in the middle of October.

“I think we’re going to make it happen,” he said. “They’re moving right along. The roof is on, and the back and east side is covered. Once they get the rest of it covered, they can work regardless of the weather.”

He said moving to that location had been an idea of his for “some time.”

“We’d been looking at the existing building and location,” he said. “We finally made a deal on it, got estimates on the construction and got underway.”

A building did exist on the lot when he purchased the space, and he said they’re “using part of it.”

“Customers can expect things to be new and fresh, more organized,” he said. “I think it will also boost our spirits — it always enhances your attitude when you’re working in a nice situation.”

Bruning said Southern Archery has been “in the business” for the past 32 years, and the business continues to grow each year.

“We’re very pleased,” he said. “We’re growing every year, and this building will help accommodate that. There’s room for expansion if we need it down the road.”

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