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Big changes in 2014-15 deer season

(Resource – Iowadnr.gov)

2014 Iowa Hunting Seasons Released
Posted: 07/29/2014

Iowa deer hunters will notice fewer seasons and changes in certain seasons this year.

The January antlerless deer season has been eliminated, the number of antlerless deer tags has been reduced and hunters in 27 northwest counties are allowed only antlered deer during the first shotgun and early muzzleloader seasons.

Crossbows were allowed as a legal method of take for resident Iowa hunters during the late muzzleloader season.

Iowa waterfowl hunters have an experimental September teal only season from Sept. 6-21 in all three waterfowl zones.

The remaining waterfowl seasons will be set during the August 14 meeting of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources Natural Resource Commission after the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service issues their season requirements to the states.

Iowa Hunting and Trapping Seasons
Deer Seasons
Youth:  Sept. 20-Oct. 5
Disabled Hunter:  Sept. 20-Oct. 5
Archery:  Oct. 1-Dec. 5 AND Dec. 22-Jan. 10
Early Muzzleloader:   Oct. 11-19
Late Muzzleloader:  Dec. 22-Jan. 10
First Shotgun:  Dec. 6-10
Second Shotgun:  Dec. 13-21
Nonresident Holiday:  Dec. 24-Jan. 2

Small Game and Upland Seasons
Youth Rooster Pheasant:  Oct. 18-19
Rooster Pheasant:  Oct. 25-Jan. 10
Bobwhite Quail:  Oct. 25-Jan. 31
Gray Partridge:  Oct. 11-Jan. 31
Ruffed Grouse:  Oct. 4-Jan. 31
Cottontail Rabbit:  Aug. 30-Feb. 28
Fox and Gray Squirrel:  Aug. 30-Jan. 31
Crow:  Oct. 15-Nov. 30 AND Jan. 14-March 31
Pigeon:  Continuous Open Season

Migratory Game Bird Seasons
Mourning Dove:  Sept. 1-Nov. 9
September Teal Season:  Sept. 6-21 in all three zones. Additional regulations apply.

Furbearer Hunting Seasons
Raccoon:  Nov. 1-Jan. 31
Opossum:  Nov. 1-Jan. 31
Red and Gray Fox:  Nov. 1-Jan. 31
Bobcat:  Nov. 1-Jan. 31 Additional regulations apply.
Coyote:  Continuous Open Season
Groundhog:  Continuous Open Season

Trapping Seasons
Raccoon:  Nov.1-Jan. 31
Muskrat:  Nov.1-Jan. 31
Red and Gray Fox:  Nov.1-Jan. 31
Coyote:  Nov.1-Jan. 31
Badger:  Nov.1-Jan. 31
Mink:  Nov.1-Jan. 31
Weasel:  Nov.1-Jan. 31
Opossum:  Nov.1-Jan. 31
Striped Skunk:  Nov.1-Jan. 31
Beaver:  Nov. 1-April 15
Otter:  Nov.1-Jan. 31 Additional regulations apply.
Bobcat:  Nov.1-Jan. 31 Additional regulations apply.

Regulations can be downloaded here

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