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Iowa DNR Fishing Report – May 29th

Nelson Park Lake

Panfishing is starting to pick up. Channel Catfish – Slow:  Bluegill – Fair: Bluegill are starting to move in close to shore.  Anglers have been picking up some bluegill off the face of the dam.  The action isn’t real hot, but the bluegill that are being caught are nine inches plus.  try using a small black jig and fishing near shore.  Largemouth Bass – Slow: Fishing has been slow for bass.


Crawford Creek Impoundment

Bluegill – Good: Anglers are catching fair numbers of bluegill, but they are averaging nine inches.  Work a small black jig around the corners of the dam.  Also look for spawning beds in the upper ends and shallow protected areas of the lake.  Crappie – Fair: Anglers may still be able to find some crappie in spawning mode, otherwise they might have to look a little deeper and work around structure.


Brushy Creek Lake

Water clarity is good.  Bluegill – Fair: Bluegills are moving close to shore.  Anglers should fish tight to the inside edge of the weed lines (shore side of the weed edge).  Crappie – Fair: Crappies are moving close to shore.  Anglers should fish tight to the inside edge of the weed lines (shore side of the weed edge).  Walleye – Good: Anglers have had good success casting jigs for walleye.  Try baiting your jig with a minnow or a piece of nightcrawler.


Storm Lake (including Little Storm Lake)

The dredge machine is in operation on Storm Lake.  Boaters should use caution and stay clear of the dredge machine, booster pump barge, and pipeline.  Channel Catfish – Fair: Channel catfish are close to shore and anglers should do well with traditional catfish baits.  Most fish are around two pounds.  White Bass – Good: White bass are tight to shore.  Anglers should try casting hair jigs baited with a minnow or white twisters close to shore.  There are a lot of white bass hanging out around the big island and the east shore from the boat ramp north to the end of King’s Pointe jetty.  Walleye – Excellent: Anglers did very well for walleye last weekend and fish are continuing to be caught this week.  Trolling shad colored crankbaits has produced good numbers of fish.  Anglers were also catching good numbers of walleye casting jigs baited with a piece of night crawler just south of the college island.  Many fish in the slot are being caught along with legal sized fish. The daily bag limit for walleye is three.  All walleye between 17 and 22 inches must be released, and only one over 22 inches may be kept.


North Twin Lake

Fishing has been slow and few anglers have been out.  Channel Catfish – Slow: Anglers have been having a tough time catching channel catfish. Walleye – Slow: Walleye fishing has been slow.  Yellow Bass – Slow: Anglers targeting yellow bass are picking up a few, but there are very few fish over seven inches.


Swan Lake

Panfishing has picked up.  Water levels at Swan Lake are several feet low. Bluegill – Fair: Some 7-8-inch bluegill are being picked up while crappie fishing. Crappie – Good: The crappie bite has picked up.  The crappies are in close to shore and anglers should focus their efforts around the jetties.  Most crappies are 8-9 inches with a few 10 inchers mixed in.


Black Hawk Lake

Water clarity is excellent and lake levels are about 10 inches below crest.  Bluegill – Fair: Anglers were catching bluegill around the stone pier.  Most of the fish are around seven inches with a few slightly larger being picked up.  Largemouth Bass – Fair: Many sub-legal largemouth bass can be caught fishing the woody shorelines along ice house point and shotgun hill.  Walleye – Fair: Many sub legal walleye are being picked up.  There aren’t a lot of legal fish yet since restocking began after the renovation.


Browns Lake

Anglers have reported good crappie fishing. Fish tight to shore and expect most crappies to be around 10 inches with a few larger ones mixed in. Crappie – Fair: Crappie fishing has been decent at Browns Lake. The crappies are nice sized and most of the fish can be found close to shore and in the shallows around the cattails.


Snyder Bend Lake

Anglers have been picking up catfish. Channel Catfish – Fair: Channel catfish are in tight to the rocky shorelines. Use traditional catfish baits. Crappie – Slow: Recent surveys found crappies hanging around structure.  Fish around beaver lodges and trees hanging in the water.


Southwood Conservation Area Pond (east)

Fishing is starting to pick up.  Channel Catfish – Fair: Channel catfish are starting to hit.  Shrimp or cut bait should work well. Bluegill – Fair: Decent sized bluegills are starting to move in close to shore and anglers are picking up a few. Largemouth Bass – Fair: Largemouth bass can be caught, but most are in the 10-12-inch size range.


Little Sioux River (Correctionville to Missouri River)

Water levels are good for fishing the Little Sioux River.  Channel Catfish – Excellent: Anglers are picking up good numbers of large channel catfish. Recent reports from anglers indicate catfish are averaging four pounds.  Cut bait and chubs are the bait of choice.  Walleye – Fair: Anglers are picking up some walleye casting jigs and using nightcrawlers.


Surface temps at many are in the high 60s to low 70s.  The natural lakes are 8-16 inches below crest, whereas most of the small impoundments are at full pool.  For more information on rivers and lakes in the area contact the Black Hawk District Office at 712-657-2638.


Lower Pine Lake

Crappies up to about 8 inches are biting pretty well on jigs on Upper and Lower Pine. Bluegills are biting on Lower Pine.


Lake Smith

Bluegills and Crappies are being caught near shore on the rocks. Channel Catfish – No Report:   Largemouth Bass – Fair: A few nice bass being caught.


Lake Catherine

Bass and bluegills are being caught. Channel Catfish – Fair: There are some nice 22-27-inch cats in the lake. Try after dark with some cutbait, worms, or stink bait.


Clear Lake

Surface water temp is around 63-66 degrees.  Channel Catfish – Good: Catfish are in prespawn mode and are biting well. Try the rock reefs, shoreline rocks or just try on the windward shorelines with some cutbait, worms, or stink bait. White Bass – Slow: An occasional white bass catch near the island, Dodge’s Point, or near the Ventura Grade.  Largemouth Bass – Slow: An occasional largemouth near the edges of the reeds.  Crappie – Good: Crappies have still been caught in the reeds, all around the lake, this week. Use a cane pole or long rod to dip a small jig in pockets in the reeds.  Walleye – Excellent: Walleyes are biting well. Docks near the outlet on the south shore, city beach, and canal openings have done well at times. Dodge’s Point seems to be consistent. Boat anglers are doing best trolling crankbaits or fishing live bait rigs with leaches.  Muskellunge – Good: Anglers are having success near the island or rock reefs near the areas that yellow bass are spawning. Incidental catches from walleye anglers trolling crankbaits. Yellow Bass – Good: Yellows are biting well near the island, Dodge’s Point. Some can also be caught on the edges of reeds and near docks. Average size is around 7.5 inches. Use a 1/32 ounce jig on a slow retrieve. Optional to tip with a minnow or small piece of worm. Best bite is before sunrise to about 8 a.m.


Lake Cornelia

Catches include bluegills up to eight inches, crappies up to nine inches, yellow bass 7.5 inches.  You will need to sort the bluegills and yellows. Some small walleyes also have been caught.


Little Wall Lake

Bass fishing has been good; anglers using crankbaits.


Crystal Lake

Bluegill – Good: Gills are starting to build spawning nests around the shorelines near the rocks.  Largemouth Bass – Good: Bass are biting along shore in shallower water. Cast a 3/16 ounce lead head jig with a minnow hooked through the lips.  Walleye – No Report:


Bluebill Lake

Bluebill action has picked up. Largemouth are still biting on minnows with a bobber and by casting artificial baits.  Crappies are starting to bite on minnows. Some bluegills have started moving into the rock and weed beds.  Channel Catfish – Good: Catfish are in prespawn mode and should be biting well. Fish at sunset and after dark. Largemouth Bass – Good: Bass can be caught casting lead heads tipped with a minnow or artificials.  Crappie – Excellent: Crappies biting well on minnows around the jetty and the five pea gravel habitat spots around the shoreline.


Shell Rock River (above Greene)

Crappies biting pretty well on minnows.


Winnebago River

Northerns are biting on Mepps spinners and chubs below a bobber.


For lake updates and fishing information in the north central area contact the Clear Lake Fish and Wildlife office at 641-357-3517.


Mill Creek (Lake)

Bluegill – Good: Bluegill action has improved with the warmer water. Fish submerged brush for the best activity.  Largemouth Bass – Good: Good action was reported last week.


Big Spirit Lake

Northern Pike – Good: Trolling crankbaits has produced  the best action with good numbers caught last week.  Smallmouth Bass – Good: Fish deeper rock piles as the water warms on clear sunny days.  Look for prespawn fish and fish slowly with a jig tipped with a minnow. Largemouth Bass – Good: Good largemouth bass angling continues to be reported. Walleye – Fair: Activity continues to improve as the day bite has started.  Most fish are being caught in depths of 15 feet and deeper.  Best action continues to be after dark.  Dock or wader angling after 9 p.m. has produced the best action. Slot fish continue to be caught; however, good  numbers of harvest able size fish is being creeled.


East Okoboji Lake

Channel Catfish – No Report: Fishing after dark with bait on the bottom will produce excellent angling for this species. Bluegill – No Report: Fish the north end and the wooden docks on the east side for the best action.  Cast a mini jig to locate panfish, persistence and patience will be rewarded with a mix bag of crappie, bluegill and yellow perch.


Silver Lake (Dickinson)

Channel Catfish – No Report: Good numbers available; fish after dark with traditional baits will result in excellent pole bending action. Walleye – Good: Boat anglers report numbers of fish being caught during the daytime. Wader fisherman angling after dark traditionally produces good catches of walleye. A jig tipped with a minnow  will produce good results; however, twister tails and minnow baits will consistent action at this time of the year.


West Okoboji Lake

Bluegill – Good: Action at the canal area continues to be good, look for the fish to shift to the main lake as the water warms, fish wooden docks associated with deeper water for the best action.  Largemouth Bass – Good: Good largemouth bass action was reported in the canals over the weekend. Walleye – Good: Best action occurs after dark.  Boat and wader fisherman have been successful with good numbers of 14-16-inch size fish being caught.  No bite being reported during the day.


Five Island Lake

Channel Catfish – No Report: Good opportunities to catch angler acceptable sized and larger channel catfish. Walleye – Good: Walleye action has began with anglers catching fish using crankbaits and other traditional baits.


Diamond Lake

Fisheries survey completed in April reflect excellent numbers of northern pike and yellow perch are present.  Yellow Perch – No Report: Good numbers of yellow perch were sampled averaging 9.0 inches.


Little Sioux River (state line to Linn Grove)

Walleye – Good: Good numbers are reported to be caught in the Spencer area.


West Fork Des Moines (state line to Emmetsburg)

Channel Catfish – Good: Fish deep brush piles for consistent action.

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