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Iowa DNR Fishing Report – March 27th

March 20, 2014 Comments (0) Fishing Report

Iowa DNR Fishing Report – March 20th

Crawford Creek Impoundment

Ice is getting rotten.


Moorhead Park Pond

Ice is getting rotten.


Brushy Creek Lake

Ice is getting soft and areas near shore and around trees are opening up.


Storm Lake (including Little Storm Lake)

A large open hole is slowly expanding in the southeast portion of the lake.


Swan Lake

Approximately one-third of the lake is open.


Black Hawk Lake

A large portion of Town Bay is open and an open hole is expanding in the east basin.


Browns Lake

Browns Lake is open.


Snyder Bend Lake

Snyder Bend is open.


Little Sioux River (Correctionville to Missouri River)

The Little Sioux River from Correctionville on down is open.


Ice conditions are deteriorating across the Black Hawk District.  For more information contact the Black Hawk District office at 712-657-2638.


Lake Smith

Ice thickness is 20-30 inches. Some bluegills and crappies are being caught.


Clear Lake

Ice thickness was still 28-30 inches. Access is difficult to the lake with snow and ice melt making it tough to get on the lake. Access is limited to foot travel, snowmobile or by ATV. Fishing activity has been minimal. Some activity yet on the north shore and on the little lake.  Crappie – Fair: Anglers are still getting some from deeper areas of the little lake around dark. Fish are suspended a ways off bottom in deeper water. A few also have been caught near Baptist Camp/Farmers Beach areas. Most are 8-11 inches long.  Walleye – Slow: Occasional walleye near the aerator on the west end at dark or in the Farmer’s Beach area. (14-inch minimum)  Yellow Bass – Fair: Most of the action is coming from the main lake near the Baptist Camp and Farmers Beach. Yellows on the little lake are in about 12 feet of water are around 7.5-8 inches with a few 9-9.5 inchers.


Crystal Lake

Ice thickness is still 30 inches. Anglers continue to fish the deep water or the edge of the dredge cut.  Bluegill – Good: Fishing seems to be fairly consistent. Bluegill fishing has been good using small jigs tipped with wax worms. Anglers report better success in the shallower water eight feet near the edge of the dredged basin.  Largemouth Bass – Fair: Some nice bass are being caught in 16 feet.  Crappie – Good: Crappie fishing has been fair using minnows at dusk in the deeper water near or on the drop-off of the basin.  Walleye – Slow: An occasional walleye may be taken using minnows in deeper water.


Blue Pit

Rainbow trout were stocked on Feb. 7. Use a small ice fly and a wax worm or a small spoon and start shallow near shore.


Bluebill Lake

Some recent angler activity but no reports; earlier, anglers were having some success catching perch, bluegill, and some largemouth bass on spikes and wax worms fished near sunken cedar tree clumps.


Most of the area lakes have plenty of ice but access is getting tough. Some of the small ponds and pits are melting near the shorelines.


For lake updates and fishing information in the north central area contact the Clear Lake Fish and Wildlife office at 641-357-3517.


Big Spirit Lake

Ice conditions are deteriorating foot travel is recommended and walleye season is closed.    Bluegill – Slow:   Crappie – Slow:


East Okoboji Lake

Ice conditions are deteriorating foot travel is recommended and walleye season is closed.


West Okoboji Lake

Ice conditions are deteriorating foot travel is recommended and walleye season is closed.  Northern Pike – Fair: Try a tip-up while bluegill fishing for a bonus pike.  Bluegill – Fair: Most activity has taken place in Millers and Emerson bays. Yellow Perch – No Report: Perch should still be roaming deeper water; be prepared to drill lots of holes to locate an active school.


Five Island Lake

Ice conditions are deteriorating foot travel is recommended. Try fishing the edges of the dredge cuts for crappie, perch, walleye, and catfish.


For more information contact the Spirit Lake Hatchery at 712-336-1840.

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