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Iowa DNR Fishing Report – December 26th

December 19, 2013 Comments (0) Fishing Report

Iowa DNR Fishing Report – December 19th

Lower Pine Lake

We have received no information regarding fishing on this water body this week.


Upper Pine Lake

A few portables shelters have been rotating on and off the ice.  We have heard of less than 4 inches thickness on both lakes. Four inches of ice is recommended for anglers traveling by foot with minimal gear.


Lake Smith

Smith Lake ice depth as of Dec. 17 was 10-12 inches. Bluegill fishing is good. Anglers are also catching a few crappies.


Lake Catherine

There were a few anglers out last week but no reports on success. Ice depth is 6 to 8 inches.


Clear Lake

Ice is 9 to 12 inches. Anglers are bringing some permanent shacks out. They were picking up some yellow bass with a few crappies.  Crappie – Slow: We have not heard much for reports on crappies yet. Some are being caught along with the yellow bass. Try using minnows in 12 to 20 feet of water. Walleye – No Report:   Yellow Bass – Good: Action can be great when you find them. Some anglers have had large numbers this past week. Target areas in 6-12 feet of water.


Lake Cornelia

There was a lot of fishing activity on Cornelia last weekend.  Heard reports of good catches of 8-inch yellow bass.  Some permanent shacks on Cornelia; ice depth is 8-9 inches.  Most fishing is being done in deeper water.  Minnows have been the hot bait.  Yellow Bass – Excellent: Anglers were reporting fast action on 7-8 inch yellow bass. A few crappies mixed in.


Little Wall Lake

Ice was around 6 inches on Dec. 16.


Crystal Lake

Ice depth was around 9 inches on Dec. 17.  Bluegill – Good: Anglers have reported catching fish in 8 feet of water on tear drop ice fly tipped with insect larvae in mid to late afternoon. About half of the bluegills were right around 8 inches. A few crappies also were caught.  Walleye – Slow: An occasional walleye is being caught by bluegill anglers.


Blue Pit

Blue Pit was stocked with 1,500 catchable sized rainbow trout on Nov. 27. They were not hit very hard before it froze so good numbers remain. A minimum of 4 inches of ice is recommended for foot travel.


Bluebill Lake

Bluebill is around 10-11 inches.  Anglers are catching some bluegill, crappie, and largemouth bass, perch but the action is slow. Perch were biting on wax worms. Occasional catfish also on minnows.


Fin and Feather Lake

Finn and Feather has about 10.5 inches of ice and a few people have tried it – no reports. There was a partial winterkill last year but bluegills and bass were sampled this summer.


Reports on ice thickness of most area lakes have been from 6-12 inches this week. For lake updates and fishing information in the north central area contact the Clear Lake Fish and Wildlife office at 641-357-3517.


Big Spirit Lake

There is currently 8-10 inches of ice on the lake.  Bluegill – Slow: A few bluegills are being caught in Anglers Bay but action is limited to sunrise and sunset.  Crappie – Slow: Similar to bluegill the crappie are coming from anglers bay early and late in the day.  Yellow Perch – Slow: Only a handful of perch are being caught but the ones that are tend to be 10-11 inches a few smaller ones are also being caught. Walleye – Slow: Action has been kind of hit or miss with fish of all sizes being caught.


West Okoboji Lake

There is 6-8 inches of ice on most of the lake.  Northern Pike – Slow: Tip-ups baited with chubs or small bluegills should bring a few pike.  Bluegill – Slow: Bluegills have been difficult to find but a few are being caught by sight fishing in or near the weeds.


Scharnberg Pond

Try fishing for trout if you are looking for something new. 1,500 rainbow trout were stocked in mid November and many are still in the pond to be had.  Try using jigging spoons or teardrop jigs just under the ice to a few feet down.  Just remember a trout stamp is needed to fish for trout.  The next stocking date is Jan. 25 with another 1,500 rainbow trout.


For more information contact the Spirit Lake Hatchery at 712-336-1840.


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