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Serenity and beauty of a river float. (photo by Steve Weisman)

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September 25, 2013 Comments (0) A Fisherman's Journal, Fishing Notebook

All I Have…..

This spring and summer have been a busy one to say the least. With all the overtime I have had to work, as well as sports activities for my children, getting out to go fishing has been spotty at best. Add that to my home computer deciding it was time to pass on, it may have seemed that I have been on a hiatus or given up on fishing…. However that’s not the case, even tho it seems that the fish haven’t gotten the memo that they are supposed to grab every opportunity to eat my offerings.

The fishing for walleye this season has been on & off, but mostly off. This spring was hot for a little bit, and then went to spotty about as fast as it turned on. While the fishing has been slow around here, places like Bitter Lake continues to be on fire if you are trolling slow death with a berkley pinched crawler. Lewis & Clark lake was decent in the spring till the mayfly hatch, and then became non-existant.

But with fall season upon us as well as ice fishing right around the corner, things are looking up for walleye fishermen. Hopefully the walleye decide they really need to fatten up and take every opportunity to swallow my bait.

Over the next few months I will be keeping my articles short and to the point of where I have been fishing as well as how my luck is. I also have a couple new goodies to try for ice fishing season, and should be able to write up a couple reviews for you guys that are looking at upgrading your gear. One of them being the new TearDrop by 13 fishing, an inline ice fishing reel that looks pretty darn sweet. Another new product is a TUCR (Tuned-up Custom Rod) perch sweetheart ice fishing rod. Both items have me drooling for the ice season to hurry up and get here…..

That’s all I have for you guys today….. Enjoy some photos of Blake & I at Lewis & Clark lake this spring, walleye fishing was crazy that day. We only got hits when it started to sprinkle…

 photo 968899_10200329639547196_588720882_n_zps459c407a.jpg

 photo 253310_10200329775510595_1039604663_n_zps0fef1770.jpg

 photo 263358_10200329772870529_1796733659_n_zps218afbf8.jpg

 photo 316282_10200329774430568_1974289258_n_zpsb01c0a68.jpg

 photo 603611_10200329774470569_1326170420_n_zpsf7bb7782.jpg

 photo 922806_10200329770990482_884073833_n_zps73f8b534.jpg

 photo 922805_10200329770790477_1614906797_n_zps5baa856e.jpg

 photo 603755_10200329773030533_66284485_n_zps530592cc.jpg

 photo 603637_10200329769030433_797035918_n_zps1d055204.jpg

 photo 922836_10200329771270489_1120987125_n_zpsafa7e744.jpg

 photo 968787_10200329773070534_939830960_n_zps669358be.jpg

 photo 968970_10200329774390567_1967611815_n_zpsf090f082.jpg

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