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September 17, 2012 Comments (0) Hunting Notebook, TrailCamTrophies.com Update

Trimming Up

When setting up a camera, make sure the deer and other animals will be the only thing that trigger your camera. In the past I have had too many Mega Bytes wasted on blowing weeds and tree limbs.

Tree in trail cameraSet the camera up higher on the tree, about head height, and angle the camera down a little. This will prevent any weeds from blowing in front of the camera.  When taking the weeds out, it is best to pull them out, roots and all. This will slow them down or even stop them from growing all together. In the past I would just pull the tops out or step them down with my foot. They grow fairly fast this time of year and were impossible to keep ahead of. Understand that you can’t control all the weeds in your trail camera’s field of view but every weed pulled out helps.

Also when attaching your camera to a tree, make sure you trim all branches that may blow in front of the camera. Unless you are putting it over a scrape! Too often I have gone back and pulled a SD card only to find half the pictures are of one branch on a windy day. Even if you think the branch is close but out of reach, go ahead and trim. Better to be safe and save your self battery power and photos.

Another lesson learned last year was putting a camera up about deer height looking into a corn field. I did get some great pictures of bucks walking this edge but I got more pictures of corn blowing in the wind. It would have been smarter and what I do know now is to put the camera in the corn field looking out. Make sure if your doing this that you cut the leaves off any surrounding stalks so they don’t trigger the camera. Also, if this is not your land or corn field, make sure it is okay with the farmer, and make sure to get the camera out before they spray or combine!

A little common sense and thinking while setting up a camera can save you loads of wasted pictures. Try to think about what is going to trigger the camera and trim a little more!

Good luck!

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