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September 9, 2012 Comments (2) Sponsor Spotlight, TrailCamTrophies.com Update


TrailCamTrophies.com has recently linked up with Northwest Iowa Outdoors, and we are very excited about this new partnership. We hope to share with you our knowledge and experiences throughout the year. Follow along with us not just for trail cameras but for all aspects of hunting, fishing and the outdoors.

What is TrailCamTrophies.com?
Here at TrailCamTrophies.com, you can find hundreds and hundreds of buck names for your trail cam trophies. With the evolution of trail cameras in the hunting industry, we have been able document more about deer and photograph bucks that we would have never known existed. With thousands of trail camera pictures a year, we needed a way to identify these bucks. We are not the first to start naming our bucks, but we are the first the build a website database of buck names and photos to help you with your Rack Recognition.

On the website we have broken the buck names down alphabetically and by categories. Search through all the names in the alphabet or if your buck falls in one of our categories, then that is an easy way to start! When you have a trail camera photo of a new buck, start by breaking the rack and deer down by characteristics… non-typical or typical, old or young, number of points, something unique about him, etc. When all else fails, I like to open my trail camera picture up in one window and browse the buck names in another window. When you are looking up buck names, some have a “*Pics*” link after them. These trail camera pictures are of bucks that someone else has given that name too and you can see how that name fits them. We feel that this will help you when picking out your own buck names.

The “Pictures” tab is a great place to spend some time surfing the web. We feel we have and are continuing to build one of the biggest databases of huge buck photos. So if you have big bucks on trail camera, send them our way and you could even win prizes! Under the “Pictures” link you will see that we are not only collecting buck photos, but all kinds of trail camera photos. Does, turkeys, birds of prey, bachelor groups… the list goes on – check them out for yourself. One of the favorite sections to visit under this tab is “Before/After.” These are bucks that hunters have caught on trail camera, named and then harvested! On the back side of each before and after, we even tell you a bit of their story! E-mail us yours today and we will put you up on the “TrophiesWall”.

The contests are a great way to share your trail camera photos with fellow hunters and have great chances to win hunting gear. Once a month, a winner is randomly drawn for a chance to win that month’s prize. To enter this contest, all you need to do is submit your trail camera photos. For each photo we use on the website, your name is entered in the drawing. We take up to three pictures of single buck, and as many different bucks as you can send us! For example, if you submit 25 photos and we use 22 of them, you just received 22 entries in that month’s giveaway! So the odds really are in your hands! The more photos of higher quality you enter, the better your odds. Check out the following for more details. TrailCamTrophies Contest.

Last but not least, is our “Desktop Images.” These are computer backgrounds that you are free to download and enjoy on your personal computers. We take photos of submitted trail camera pictures and turn them into works of art. Submit your photos and your trail cam trophy could be the next featured background! Simply click on the image and a new page will appear with the image as actual size. Next, all you need to do is right click on that image and click “Set a background image.” Presto! You have a background image on your screen worth day dreaming about!

Don’t forget to check out the site TrailCamTrophies.com

Thank you!
Matt & Jen – TrailCamTrophies.com

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  1. shane123 says:

    welcome to the site! can’t wait to see some of the photos!

  2. John says:

    The “before & after” photos on the site are pretty cool! Makes it hard to believe that the things in the photos, and the things I shoot are even the same species. . . . . .

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