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Fishing Report

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August 16, 2012 Comments (0) Fishing Report

DNR Fishing Report – August 16th

Upper Pine Lake

Fishing activity has been relatively low, but anglers have reported catching channel catfish with chicken liver in the mornings and evenings in the lake and Pine Creek between the lakes.


Lake Catherine

Bluegill – Fair: Drift small jigs or crawlers along the rocks and along the aquatic vegetation lines.  Largemouth Bass – Fair: Spinner baits worked along the aquatic plant beds seems to be working the best.


Clear Lake

The water level is 21 inches below crest.  Use caution when launching and boating near shore.  Channel Catfish – Fair: Stink bait, cut bait, and crawlers are working in the evenings and mornings near reefs and vegetation beds.  Crappie – Fair: Anglers are picking up some crappies while drifting and vertical jigging minnows and crawlers in 6-10 feet of water in the little lake, around the reefs, and between the state dock area and the island.  Yellow Bass – Good: Anglers are catching yellow bass on crawlers, cut bait, and minnows. Drifting and vertically jigging in 6-10 feet of water off the state dock area has been good.  The fish are schooled so move around until you find active fish.


Little Wall Lake

Channel Catfish – Good: Anglers are drifting fish guts and cut bait.


Crystal Lake

Bluegill – Fair: Drift small jigs and crawlers in the dredged area and along aquatic plant beds for the best bluegill action.  Largemouth Bass – Fair: Spinner baits and top water baits worked along the aquatic plant beds are catching bass.


For more fishing information in the north central Iowa area, contact the Clear Lake Fish and Wildlife office at 641-357-3517.


Big Spirit Lake

Bullhead – Fair: Action has slowed on the grade but a few are being caught on the main lake around weeds. Use a worm on the bottom.  White Bass – Good: Look for schools breaking the surface in the morning and afternoon, once located, a popper or minnow bait should get some action.  A few smallmouth bass should also be expected while fishing a school of white bass.  Smallmouth Bass – Fair: Some of the bigger smallmouth are being caught on weed edges but the rock piles are still producing a few. Largemouth Bass – Fair: The largemouth are still being found near weeds but some are also starting to disperse to other areas in the lake. Yellow Perch – Fair: Action is picking up on the mudflats in the 18 plus foot range.  Try drifting crawlers on bottom bouncers or with slip bobbers.  A GPS or marker buoy could be very useful once a school is located. A few perch are also being caught in or near the weeds while targeting walleye or other species.  Walleye – Slow: With the warm water, fishing has slowed a bit but a few are still being caught. Best results have been coming in early morning, at dusk, and after dark using slow presentations.


East Okoboji Lake

Bullhead – Fair: Use worms on bottom. Channel Catfish – Fair: Use cut bait around rocks and wood during low light conditions.  Bluegill – Fair: Action has picked up a bit but can still be sporadic.  Fish around weed edges with worms. Walleye – Fair: Fish near bottom with crawlers and leeches or trolling crankbaits.  Twister tails can also be productive.  Yellow Bass – Good: Many yellow bass are being caught. Look for rocks and wood and use small baits.


West Okoboji Lake

Fish early in the morning to avoid boat traffic.  Bluegill – Fair: Look for bluegills around weed edges and try fishing in the early morning or later afternoon. Use a small jig on a slip bobber or a plain hook with live bait.  Smallmouth Bass – Fair: Fish around deep rock piles with crayfish and minnow imitations.  Yellow Perch – Fair: Perch are being caught in 12-18 feet of water within the weed beds. Use a pilkie or crappie tube with wigglers.  Walleye – Fair: A few fish were caught trolling crankbaits as well as live bait rigs with crawlers and leeches.


Five Island Lake

During a recent netting survey many catfish were sampled with an average size of 16-22 inches. Good numbers of fish over 24 inches were also found. Try using cutbait or stinkbait in the afternoon and into the night.


Lost Island Lake

Yellow Bass – Fair: Use small jigs tipped with worm.


For more information contact Mike Hawkins at the Spirit Lake office at 712-336-1840.

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