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August 1, 2012 Comments (8) A Fisherman's Journal, Fishing Notebook

My fundraising goal for the new Marcum LX-9

Just an easy-updater to track my progress for those that have been following my excitement towards the NEW Marcum LX-9 that will be released this upcoming 2012 winter ice fishing season…… stay tuned for updates…..

8 Responses to My fundraising goal for the new Marcum LX-9

  1. seahag says:

    hmmm interesting….:)

  2. shane123 says:

    more to come about this kim……. 😉

  3. seahag says:

    looking good!!! Be there in no time 🙂

  4. shane123 says:

    thanks kim! i am selling my lx-5 this year I think just to buy more toys as well 😉 has drew talked about our winter outing weekend?

  5. John says:

    Gee Shane, I sure hope you make your goal before 1st ice. . . . . . . that way I can borrow your new-fangled gadget!

  6. shane123 says:

    thanks john, i have a slush fund i can dip into if need to be, but yeah, i plan on having it when they start shipping in october 😉

  7. seahag says:

    Getting there…..when you have finished this one, what will be the next ticker? 🙂

  8. shane123 says:

    Well, they are not shipping till the 1st week of November, so I will be picking this up right after that, probably at the pro shop meet at Kabeles on the 17th of November. After that, my next ticker will be for a boat fund, preferably a tri-hull I do believe. The reason I am going with a tri-hull is because of stability on the water without having to have a very long boat or super deep V, and the prices are all pretty cheap on the tri-hull. With the stability on the tri-hull, I can take my father or my kids out on the boat and not worry when too much weight is on one side of the boat or the other, like if my big body is walking to one side or the other. Alot safer for the participants 🙂 Plus its gotta be family friendly (pulling tubes and stuff for the kids) according to the wifey 🙂

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