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January 18, 2012 Comments (1) Fishing Product Review

Colors, No Longer Just For Jigs

Krazy dust wax worm dye

Changing colors meant switching jig heads. Switching jig heads meant cutting your line and tying on a new jig head. And when you are changing jig heads, you are wasting valuable fishing time, time that could be used putting more fish on the ice.


Fast forward to 2004, Little Atom made a product called Krazy Dust. Krazy Dust is a non-toxic powder that you can add to your live bait to enhance its’ color. It was specially formulated for wax worms and works equally well on all live bait. Steelhead fishermen are using it with great success, as are ice fishermen. Just add a tablespoon of Krazy Dust to a couple of dozen wax worms in a small container with tiny holes for air, and let them sit at room temperature for 24 hrs or more. They will turn a subtle but very noticeable shade of the Krazy Dust color and will pick up the fish attracting scent of anise. It can make a huge difference on finicky fish.  It can also change the color of your presentation to the fish.




Krazy Dust comes in 7 different colors; Red, Pink, Orange, Purple, Green, Blue, and Chartreuse.  For the 1 ounce puck of a certain color, prices are about 5 bucks each.  If you want to order the handy 6 station mix pod, that will cost about 5 bucks as well.  I however had a couple of empty bait pucks and it works just fine in there as well.  You won’t find Krazy Dust in many of the larger chain stores, but some of the more professional mom-&-pop bait shops usually carry Little Atom products, so chances are they have these items as well.  You can always order this product from Your Bobbers Down, , if you cant find it at your local bait store.




Now you can change the color of your presentation by just changing your waxie or spike, and continue on fishing.  Pink has always been my go-to color for crappies, but there are days when pink isn’t doing it for them.  Try chartreuse in a matter of seconds.  I have noticed the difference on stubborn blue gills while site fishing in West Lake Okoboji, from plain white waxie to pink waxie and I was putting fish on the ice in seconds!  Luckily I have Krazy Dust to switch my colors at the drop of a hat!

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  1. scooter says:

    this is the first I have seen this product, headed up to the Waubay area tonight! If I happen to see this in one of the bait shops I am definately going to give it a whirl! Thanks for the info!

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