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Iowa Ice Fishing Getaway

Victims of Habit? Not so much….

January 9, 2012 Comments (1) A Fisherman's Journal, Fishing Notebook

Fishing, more than a hobby…..



First of all, welcome to the site.  I hope we can provide the entertainment and knowledge that you are seeking.  And with that said, let me introduce myself, as well as my purpose here…..


I am Shane, just an average joe with an average life.  I work Monday thru Friday, and dream about fishing while I work.  I have a very understanding wife that allows me to be somewhat spontaneous about my fishing plans.  I also live in an area that is abundant in fishing spots, so it’s nothing to stop at a pond on the way home from work.


I fish.  Ok, let me be a little more honest, I fish alot.  I don’t like to eat fish very much, but I love to catch them.  I don’t care if I spend all day catching dinks or trophy fish, as long as I am catching something.  Heck, I could fish all day, not catch a fish, and still enjoy the day fishing.  My purpose here will be reporting where I have fished as well as what lures & tricks seem to provide the best results.  I plan on updating this journal every Monday to give you the heads-up on spots around northwest Iowa.  My weekly reports to the DNR don’t get released to the masses til Thursdays, so this journal should be your go-to guide for your fix.  These journal updates will never ever contain secret spots or lures.  Secret spots are filled with secret fish, they have no place in my journal.


Also, feel free to contact me about going fishing.  I love to fish with new people who care about fishing like I do.  One can never have too many fishing buddies.  Fishing with friends also increases your chances at finding what the fish are biting on that day, as well as increases safety when you are ice fishing.


With that being said, I cannot wait to get out and get some fishing done so I can report back here.  Remember, a bad day of fishing is still better than a good day at work!



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  1. seahag says:

    <3 It!! I am so excited to see how this site is GOING to take off....Who woulda thunk you had writing skills...J/K(btw this is Kim:)

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